Free Dashboards

Yes, we offer the SQL for free dashboards that are listed below.  You can request one or all of them by sending us an email to billy@nannerb.com!  If you require help installing them or need assistance customizing for your business, we can help for $125 per hour.

Custom Dashboards

Need help creating a dashboard from scratch?  No problem!  We will work with you on your business requirements, and then build out your dashboard.  Each dashboard usually takes 1-3 hours for creation, and is billed at $125 per hour.

Existing Dashboards

Do you have dashboards that somoene else in your organization created and need some help tweaking it?  Give us a shout!  We can help in all things related to dashboards.

Free Dashboards

Job Setup Check

Verifies that all required fields were setup during the job setup process, and if any fields are changed that don't meet business requirements. This can also verify job naming schemes, proper cost center assignments, and whatever else you want to track. It will display the job number, and then any items that are missing. 

Employee Setup Check

 Verifies that all required fields were setup properly during the employee setup process, and if any fields are cleared unintentionally.  It will display the employee code, name, and all fields that are missing.  

Employee Termination Check

 Verifies that the employee termination process is followed per business rules. It will display any items that still need to be completed. 

Terminated Operators

Displays operators who are no longer active employees, and who have not logged in within a set number of days. This dashboard can catch situations where employees are terminated but HR has not notified IT for making all accounts inactive. Critical for internet facing Spectrum installations to ensure employees cannot login once terminated. 

Terminated Supervisors

 Checks for employees that are reporting to terminated supervisors. It will list the employees with invalid supervisors. 

Deductions Setup Check

 Validates that valid payroll deductions are setup properly for employees. For example, if an employee is contributing to a 401k and your company provides a match, this dashboard will make sure that both a 401k deduction and 401k match benefit is setup for the employee. 

PR Never Paid

 Will display any active (or inactive if desired) employees who are not showing to have ever received a paycheck from Payroll. 

PR Not Paid in XX Days

Displays any employees that have not been paid beyond a certain time frame.  You may want to know the active employees that have not been paid in the last 30 days. 

PR Certification/Training Expiration

Displays any employees that are nearing expiration for their certification or training. You set the parameters for the time frame to display the employee list. You can also have multiple dashboards for specific certification/training items.  

PR Service Anniversary Milestones

If you use the hire/rehire date of an employee as their service anniversary and awarding certain benefits or additional vacation, you can use this dashboard to notify you at those intervals (such as 5 year, 8 year, etc). 

Vendor COI Expiration

 If you are tracking vendor certificates of insurance, this dashboard will let you know when the COI's are nearing expiration or expired.

Custom Dashboards

 Given our background using Spectrum, we've built all sorts of dashboards across most of the modules. If you have an idea for one that you need help with or for a complete design, let us build it for you! We charge our regular development rate for dashboard design and delivery.   Average dev time is 1-3 hours.