Do you have a minimum number of hours to do work for us?

Technically no.  If you only have an hour of work for us to do, then we will do that one hour and then bill you.  This works great for those situations where you call us on an as-needed basis.

Can you be our on-call "Spectrum reports guy"?

Absolutely!  Most construction companies don't have the resources to have a full time analyst on staff to handle data items related to Spectrum.  We can be your on-call support person whenever you need assistance, and there's no minimum monthly billing required!

What are your billing terms?

We keep track of all work items throughout the month, and send out invoices at the end of each month.  We offer 30 day terms, or other arrangements as needed.

What is your hourly development rate?

Our standard hourly rate is $125 per hour spent on development efforts for your company.  This rate can vary though based on fixed price projects, or on packages offered for sale such as dashboards.  We do offer first time customer discounts and other specials periodically.  We are willing to work with you, so get in touch with us!

Do you attend the annual Spectrum Users conference?

Yes, and 2017 makes 4 years!  As explained in the About section of this site, my "regular" job is the Spectrum Administrator and analyst for RIG.  Each year I make the trip with my supervisor, but I also love catching up with my Nannerb customers and friends AND taking classes on whatever D+C offers related to reporting and data.

How do you handle supporting customers?

We have worked through different types of environments, so this usually depends on your setup.  Usually I will need access to the Spectrum SQL database and an operator ID on their test system / company.  If you would prefer, we can also work with an admin at your company to implement development items.  We will walk through the best option in each case to see what's apppropriate.

What is your customer satisfaction policy?

We are here to meet your Spectrum data needs, and that includes our goal of total customer satisfaction.  If we do not deliver on that goal, then there is no charge to you.  And, if you have paid for services but are unhappy with our work, then we will refund your payment if we are not able to rectify the situation.  

Do you travel to customer sites?

In order to save money on your project, we typically do not travel to a customer's location.  In today's technological world, we are able to communicate via gotomeeting and conference calls to discuss what you need.  And we're always a phone call or email away when needed!

What is the best way to reach you?

You can reach us via phone at 409-344-0406, or via email at billy@nannerb.com.

What is a "Nannerb"?

There is a small island that is part of the Galapagos Islands where a good sized iguana lives.  Each winter, the species is able to create fantastic displays of...ok, not really.  It's just the owner's last name backwards!